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BATOD – British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

BDA – British Deaf Association

CI – Cochlear implant

CRIDE – Consortium of Research in Deaf Education

CSW – Communication Support Worker

CUED SPEECH – a system of cues to give an exact visual representation of spoken language

DCAL – (Deafness Cognition and Language) Research Centre, University College London Hospital

DEX – Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group

DI – Deaf Instructor

EHC Plan – Education and Health Care Plan

EP – Educational Psychologist

EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage

HOS – Head of Service

HOSS – Head of Sensory Service

LA – Local Authority

NDCS – National Deaf Children’s Society

NatSIP – National Sensory Impairment Partnership

PIVATS – Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting

SaLT – Speech and Language Therapist

SALTIBAD – Speech and Language Therapists in Bilingualism and Deafness

SBC – Sign Bilingual Consortium

SEF – School Self Evaluation Framework

SENJIT – Special Educational Needs Joint Initial Training

LSA – Learning Support Assistant

CSW – Communication Support Worker

TA – Teaching Assistant

ToD – Teacher of the Deaf

Download printable version (PDF)