Project reporting

This page provides updates on the project work in progress in Ghana. It includes short video posts from the team, working papers and news items.

A video ppt. presentation that provides an overview of the project in English with captions, and Ghanaian Sign Language can be accessed via the link below.

General overview of project

Our first published paper based on  interviews with caregivers could be accessed at Shaping the early care and education of young deaf children in Ghana.

We have organised our first hybrid (online/ face to face) impact  workshop with key stakeholders in deaf education in Ghana to share the project findings and discuss the way forward.

The project team interacts with ‘Disability Focus’ radio show on Windy Bay. Update of the interview could be accessed here.

In April 13 2022, the team organised a conference on cross context conversations on inclusive early care and education of deaf children and their caregivers. Details of the conference and registrations could be accessed here.

The conference received participants from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. PowerPoint presentations and pre-recorded  videos of the presenters could be accessed here.