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Language diversity and plurality in deaf education

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Language Planning Toolkit and Guidance: A bilingual resource for schools and services

You can work with any phase of this cycle at any time. It is not a linear process and different members of your team will approach Language Planning from different directions with different skills.

The main thing is that the final product will bring together everything you need to know about the individual and their language needs and potential so that you can collectively plan and deliver the appropriate support and monitor progress.

If you would like to contact any authors of this resource and talk about your Language Planning work they would be pleased to hear from you.

About the project

This website has been established to develop and disseminate the research at Leeds University into deaf children’s language diversity and plurality. This research is led by Ruth Swanwick who is an Associate Professor in Deaf Education at Leeds and is supported by a British Academy Fellowship award.

The aim of this research is to develop and disseminate a new understanding of deafness and language which recognises deaf children’s rich and diverse use of spoken and signed languages. This work addresses the current national priority in deaf education to develop language planning and teaching approaches which respond to deaf children’s changing language practices.

The work comprises a critical synthesis of the international literature on bilingualism and deafness. The bibliographical data-base for this review is available here under the Library tab.

The theoretical work will be combined with a survey of the language demographics of 4 deaf education (Local authority) sites and individual case studies. Summaries of these case studies are available here within the Language Landscapes section.

The practical implications of this work will be disseminated in the form of national guidance for Language Planning; a suggested pedagogical framework and directions for professional development and research in deaf education.

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