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Deaf Roma in the UK: Thinking about impact


As our project draws to a close we are starting to think about the impact we've had and the next steps for our research. The evaluation we received from the conference has been invaluable for this and we include some samples here.

We feel we were successful in raising awareness among our conference delegates and look forward to extending this to a wider audience with the publication of our report.

“The way we interact with families- how we present information, finding out how the school/authority collect data on ethnicity, thinking of ways to include families as children get older and less home visits.”

The conference  was also valuable for networking and we need to consider how we can continue bringing people together.

“I aim to collaborate with Teachers of the Deaf in Sheffield to share good practice and strategy. I aim to visit colleagues at St Edmund’s to build networks and relationships and share good practice”

One element we want to build on is more involvement with Roma communities. This is important for our research but also for deaf education services.

“Learning from the direct experience of delegates from a Roma background”

“Would be interested in hearing more from deaf Roma and their families”

“We need managers to understand and appraise our role! We are not just are interpreters. We are crucial in those specific services. We need to feel valued, be promoted and be offered relevant training”

We have also identified some directions for future work. Firstly the importance of building connections with other European countries.

“Reinforces my commitment to creating greater linkages between UK practice and practices in central and eastern Europe”

We also need to think about how to put research into practice to equip deaf education professionals in their work.

“More practical ideas and strategies in raising the attainment of deaf Roma children"

And finally the overall message of our research encapsulated.

“Reminding us to put the children and their families first”